Research Center Dermatology – In-house dermatologists, recruitment database

In-house dermatologists, recruitment database

bioskin’s Research Center Dermatology is equipped to perform safety and efficacy trials onsite, ensuring close proximity to and direct interaction with the project management, monitoring and data management teams.

As clinical outpatient unit, the Research Center Dermatology has 28 years of experience in clinical trials, specializing in early phase safety, exploratory and proof-of-concept trials in dermatology. During the last 15 years our Center has performed more than 150 phase I-III clinical trials in dermatological indications as well as in healthy volunteers including children and elderly patients.


Our experienced staff consists of permanently employed dermatologists, study nurses and recruitment secretaries. All have profound knowledge in dermatology phase I to III clinical trials as well as medical device investigations and aesthetic studies. Trial performance adheres to GCP standard and follows bioskin’s own SOPs. We are set up to work flexible hours from early mornings to late evenings, as well as on weekends. In addition to clinical scoring and skin evaluation, various validated biophysical measurement methods are used for skin condition analyses. Our staff is regularly trained in emergency procedures.


We mainly recruit from our own database which encompasses approximately 2300 healthy male and female volunteers as well as patients with various dermatological indications: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, androgenetic alopecia and labial herpes, amongst many others.

For recruitment of very large patient numbers or special dermatological indications we resort to efficient advertising via online media, in subway/public transport systems and in print media.


The bioskin Research Center Dermatology provides six air-conditioned, temperature- controlled rooms, enabling simultaneous treatment of several volunteers/patients at a time. Test products are secured in IMP storage rooms with access and temperature control. Our facility is equipped with a lab for safety blood or PK sampling and ECG evaluations and we are routined in skin biopsy sampling.